Polish Women's Resistance Polish Women's Resistance

A film by a group of female and male students at the Lodz Film School, Poland, 2020.

Statement by students:

Moved and broken by the situation in our country, we, a group of female and male students from the Animation Department of Lodz Film School have decided to act. We strongly oppose the recent events in our country and it’s shameful that such a ruling has been pushed through especially during this extremely difficult pandemic. The Constitutional court has issued a ruling that will end legal termination of pregnancy for fetal anomaly. Many of us are afraid right now, this is why we want to express unity in a just cause. Instead of building more walls, we want to build something human. We hope to help tilt the balance. We encourage everyone from artistic circles and beyond to express objection, to act boldly despite the difficult time. Let’s be in this together.

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Music by: Pimon Lekler
Animation: Kasia Adamkiewicz, Weronika Althamer, Marcin Arcimowicz, Julia Benedyktowicz, Ala Błaszczyńska, Klaudia Bochniak, Agnieszka Borowa, Magda Botor, Zofia Dąbrowska, Ula Domańska, Asia Dudek, Natalia Durszewicz, Mateusz Frank, Asia Jasińska, Bogna Kowalczyk, Natalia Krawczuk, Beata Krzempek, Anita Kwiatkowska-Naqvi, Monika Likus, Marta Magnuska, Kasia Małyszko, Julia Marchowska, Marta Michalik, Weronika Michel, Piotr Milczarek, Maria Nitek, Karina Paciorkowska, Ala Palechowska, Nikodem Płaczek, Zuzia Puszkarz, Yelisaveta Pysmak, Szymon Ruczyński, Marcin Senderowicz, Kuba Siedlecki, Karolina Specht, Zuzanna Stach, Ola Szmida, Zuzanna Szor, Weronika Szyma, Sara Szymańska, Asia Trejter, Marcjanna Urbańska, Pola Włodarczyk, Paulina Ziółkowska, Izumi Yoshida, Bogusz Żelech, Kacha Bińko, Joanna Szlembarska, Maja Minic

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